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Tag for Settlement Offer Discount % of Current Amount

  • Guest
  • Jun 20 2022
  • Already exists
Feature Description A tag that can reflect the discount percentage obtained of an offer based on the current amount of the debt NOT the original amount.
  • Jun 27, 2022

    Admin response

    Thank you for your idea! This functionality already exists, using the MATH operation tags. By using a tag, such as {MATHR: ({OFFER_AMOUNT} / {DEBT_AMOUNT}) * 100}%, you could create an email or document template that is generated by trigger. Using the Event "Settlement Status Updated", defining the Conditions for which status(es) the trigger should fire, set the Action to either "Send Email" or "Generate and Send Document to ClixSign", and select the template you have included this tag into. This will show the discount % of an offer based on the current debt amount.

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