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Can a document tag be created for Settlement Offer info

Looking to send Settlement Offer letters to clients for settlement offers. A document tag that includes the settlement offer info including the payment schedule (to be used in an email template) , would allow negotiators to quickly send the client details of the settlement offer. The agent will need to be able to select the settlement/offer ID to use for the document tag to populate the email template. See attached file.

  • Guest
  • Jan 19 2022
  • Completed
  • May 2, 2022

    Admin response

    Thank you for your idea! We have created two tags to populate information about settlements. To display information a settlement offer's Creditor, Original Debt Amount, Balance at Settlement, Settlement Amount, Debt Reduction %, and Total Savings, use the {SETTLEMENT_SUMMARY} tag. To display the payment schedule for a settlement, use the {SETTLEMENT_OFFER_INDIVIDUAL} tag. To display both sets of information, simply add both tags in the same document.

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  • Admin
    DebtPay Product Team commented
    6 May 09:11pm

    {SETTLEMENT_SUMMARY} will work in email templates, and it will display all the settlements for that contact. To have it display a single settlement, generate a document, selecting the specific debt, with the tag.

    {SETTLEMENT_OFFER_INDIVIDUAL} can be used when generating a document for a specific debt.

  • Guest commented
    5 May 11:21pm

    Does this tag work in emails? If so, how do you populate the specific debt, via an Offer ID tag?

  • Admin
    DebtPay Product Team commented
    2 May 04:05pm

    Hello, the tags we have created for these purposes are 1.) {SETTLEMENT_SUMMARY}, and 2.) {SETTLEMENT_OFFER_INDIVIDUAL}.

  • Guest commented
    2 May 03:56pm

    Hello, can you please advise what tags were created from this idea? Especially the tag for te (1) Settlement Offer (2) Settlement Payment Schedule as show in the excel image.